Annie Mok

by Annie Mok



released March 8, 2017

vox, guitar, ukulele - Annie Mok
vox - Kiley K. Lotz (from Petal), DJ Delish
all songs by Annie Mok except "Sandy" by DJ Delish/Annie Mok
and "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen



all rights reserved


Annie Mok Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Two Hearts
when i washed up on the beach
i asked for her, for my sister
i didn't know if she had drowned
like i almost did.
when i washed up on the beach
said i'd be a boy this time.
i had hoped it was a dream
cuz i missed that sister of mine.
i got two hearts in this chest
i got the heart of a knight
and the heart of a princess
Track Name: Allegheny Cemetery
that night we broke into allegheny cemetery, oh
finally not solo
we saw a deer walk through gravestones
how could i know this night would be so goth
with your hot breath against these lips of mine
when we had sex, no panic attacks this time
sex to me just means something more than a kiss
but i hope you have experienced this:
when you get kissed and it feels like you just got fucked
Track Name: Sandy
your body's smooth as sandpaper
the way you try to run your game on me
the way you try to be so snakeish
i got a couple of words from you to me
i can't seem to fancy you anymore
i can't i can't i can't
i can't seem to love you anymore
i can't i can't i can't
Track Name: Orpheus
were you supergirl
was i lois lane
cut my hair
and change my name
i go down to the underworld for you
just to hear you never asked me to
were you eurydice
was i orpheus
i held the picture nice
with the two of us
now with lyre in hand
i'm headin for dry land
Track Name: We Don't Kiss Anymore
good morning beautiful you text me
but you never met me
just some boy on grindr, you'll forget me.
come over boo he texts me
and i'd like him to undress me
but when i come by we don't kiss anymore
we don't kiss anymore
Track Name: Gwen Stacy
with your lips close to mine
Track Name: Great Expectations
i see miss havisham swinging
from the rafters every night
i wanna be free of these ghosts haunting me
i'm swallowed up by my own spite
and i would burn all of london down
to the ground to get my peace.
i know these ghosts want me for lunch
but i just want to sleep
i see miss havisham swinging from the rafters
in the moonlight
i gotta get free from specters haunting me
but i just don't know how to fight
it's always the same
a figure in chains
an echo of something long gone
and i know that i could make my way through the woods
i heard the map in a song.
Track Name: Sansom Street
when i saw your eyes i nose-dived head-first
when i saw your smile, knew i'd get lost
lost in thirst
why is it always this way?
i think my thirst my thirst can be trained, no way
then something happens to me
and you were handsome walking down sansom street
Track Name: Lois Lane
i was lois lane
i had my fire, a lion's mane
i had my story straight
even though i knew there'd be hell to pay
i'm so up high
i don't wanna be alive anymore
oh superman, oh superman
i'm waiting for your hand
i was lois lane
lately it's hard just to remember my name
i was a girl reporter
now i want to be the story.